Any advice is greatly needed

  1. I am currently working towards my ADN after finishing my ADN I want to go on and get my BSN. I have information on both UTA and A&M comm. But what Im confused about is the upper lever classes. A&M states you need 36 hours of upper courses but UTA doesnt say that Does anybody have any advice!!! I have to go straight on to my BSN or my A&P1 will fall off. I took it in 2007. So I will be cutting it close.

    Does anybody know you are in the BSN program and you hit five years does that prevent you from graduating and you must retake the class?
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  3. by   classicdame
    You need to talk to an advisor because the course number may actually make a difference. I forget what UTA requires in upper level courses but it will depend on your degree plan. For instance, a generic student will have one plan, an RN with ADN degree will have another and the LVN will have another.... Get real answers from someone who knows.

    Also, subtract the number of total hours your ADN earns from the total required for the BSN. That gets you close, ASSUMING all the courses transferred appropriately.