1. Hi, all. I've almost completed my nurse's asst. training. Next week I start on the floor. I am so nervous!!! I am way, way out of my comfort zone here. It's a busy floor with lots of new co-workers to meet and lots of pts (and families) to care for and lots of new this and new that. What am I thinking??? Oh wait, I am doing this to increase my comfort zone. Nothing like jumping right into the fire. Usually I am a quiet, shy (for lack of a better word--I hate that word) person, a loner, but I know that there is another woman in me who secretly craves the action/interaction, if only I could get over my fear. So here I go! I'll be thinking of you all to give me strength.
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  3. by   renerian
    Take a deep breath and your right jump in a focus on the clients and you will most likely be fine. Hard to get out of your comfort zone and everything is rather scarey the first time you do it.

  4. by   NurseWeasel
    You'll be great! Not only that, I predict that in a year you'll wonder why you ever felt this way, because you'll love it sooo much!
  5. by   tatianamik
    Just concentrate on one thing at a time. It seems like less to do then.