And Way We Go

  1. Hi everyone. I am a first year ADN student starting my 2nd week. Did everyone feel overwhelmed? The rest of my classmates are feeling pretty much the same. I decided to return back to school for another degree after PPS came about and I was one of the therapists along with thousands across the country that were laid off. I have a two year degree in OT.

    Good luck to all. Hope we can help eachother here

    Take care
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    You are right, it's absolutely overwhelming at first. After you get into your groove, it will get a little better for you. I had never worked in healthcare when I started my ADN program. It was all totally NEW to me!! Talk about a culture shock.
    Two years may seem like a long time now......when you graduate you'll be asking yourself "where did all the time go????"
    Just remember to have fun and be a real person sometimes. My fiance taught me that I can't have my head in the books all the have to live a little too.