And the right answer to the question

  1. was

    a. Review Organic Compounds.

    I thought glyolipid was right. I think I will e-mail her about this question. I do not get how Review Organic Compounds could be the right answer. I did not do too hot on this quiz. That goodness I can take it over. LOL Thanks for all of the help guys. It meant a lot to me.
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  3. by   crnasomeday
    Oooo darn. I was just going to reply to this question you had posted on the other thread to let you know that it wasn't a glycolipid. I saw that was the answer that most posters were leading you towards, but I know that can't be right. Glycolipids contain nitrogen, which cholesterol does not, so you can mark that answer out right away. The "review organic compounds" thing just seems strange for the instructor to have as an answer. What is that supposed to mean?
  4. by   wannanurse
    Well I contacted her about it and she changed the answer. I still do not know the right one. LOL I have taken that quiz seven times. I am over it. I am going for one last shot to see what I get this time.