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Woah. Today I logged into blackboard and was able to print out the syllabus, the schedule, and the powerpoints for one of my nursing classes... Oh my word! The syllabus itself was 42 pages long! We... Read More

  1. by   CRNBSN18
    Quote from DesireeRN2011
    Congratulations! I graduated with my BSN in June 2011. I was a traditional college age student with no dependents when I began college. By the beginning of my junior year, I was working two to three jobs plus was the primary caretaker for my grandmother in hospice care with terminal colon cancer. My point is to encourage you, you can do it. Many of my classmates were second degree or nontraditional college students and they had full time jobs and/or kids to raise. It is possible but I'd be lying if I said they felt it was easy (I don't know that you'll find anyone who admits to nursing school being easy).

    If there is one thing I can tell you that will certainly apply to you, this journey will be all about budgeting your time and planning ahead. My first syllabus for my assessment/fundamentals class was 74 pages long... They didn't post that syllabus on Blackboard, they printed and passed it out in our first class meeting.
    Thank you for that! I am such a planner, and I like to be organized and have everything planned out. So hopefully that will help me. I like to get ahead as much as I can on assignments (obviously, since I've already started lol). I do all of that because I know it's even harder with kids. I'm hoping this all makes sense to me and just "clicks". The powerpoints are enormous-- no wonder we are required to print them ourselves!! I plan on dividing up my stuff so that the content is for each exam. Hopefully that will help! Congrats on your degree!
  2. by   Witchbaby
    Congrats! Trust me, before you know it, the semester will be over! (and nursing school itself too!)
    My advice is to make the most of your time at the hospital, be proactive and start looking for an internship/externship as soon as you can.
    This will help tremendously in your future job search!
    Good luck!!
  3. by   clumsy penguin
    I am also starting my first semester in NS. I had Dosage Calculations over the summer and now its just about 14 days until I begin!!!! I am super excited. I ordered my books (all 10 of them) I already have all my pre reqs done so from here forward it is Nursing classes only. I begin the first semester with Fundamentals, Skills, Pharm 1, and Geriatrics. Pretty darn excited though. My hubby got me a Cardio 3 stethoscope and I ordered a thirty one organizing utility tote as my clinical bag... (it has lots of pockets ) and a zipper pouch to store my stethoscope in Cant wait until the first day!!!!