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Greetings! I'm new to this forum, but sought y'all out because I need a pep talk. I'm 42 and have decided to go back to school for nursing. I'm working on my pre-reqs now and I wonder if I can... Read More

  1. by   NurseExplorer
    I'm 33 and like illeniccup, I've been pursuing my nursing degreee for a few years. I'm finally starting to make the right choices in life so I hope to actually enroll in a program by Fall 2004.

    I regret that I got sidetracked working on personal issues that I now know did not deserve that much consideration. I feel so refreshed and inspired right now after returning to Allnurses!

    I still have issues to deal with but I will always keep my goal of RN licensure as my first priority!
  2. by   hope2!
    i am a 32 year old mom of 3- who never truly knew what she wanted to be when she grew up until...

    my father went in for open heart surgery a month ago. i was floored by the care that my father was given by his nurses... they were so kind, so caring, and really took the time to help us and him with all of our concerns. i knew as i watched them be so professional and yet so personal at the same time- that nursing was for me.

    i don't care about the hours. i don't care about the thanks. after all, i am a mother. i know all about those things... i am a natural care taker, and won't try to deny my calling any longer.

    thing is, i live in an area where i have 2 diploma options near by. i left college with HORRIBLE grades the first time- about 14 years ago. i have since been elected to our school board, volunteered with the housing authority as a coordinator, and done many many other things in my community. these diploma schools are very difficult to get into- and i am hoping that they will assess me by my current acheivements. i am also going to register at our local college that the schools partner with- and take one or two of the requirement courses this summer/fall- just to prove that i can do it!

    i am going to write to the schools this week and beg and grobble. i will explain my situation, and hopefully they will look at me as someone with much experience, compassion, drive, as well as a person who is great at multi tasking. i plan on busting my butt this time- i truly want this... more than anything else i have ever done (besides have children!)

    i am so glad to have found you! i look forward to being here for the next few years (want to get my BSN while working as an RN)... and supporting you as well as receiving your support!

    be well
  3. by   ScottieRN
    Hi everyone!!
    I was 45 when I started nursing school. I thought it would be alot tougher than it was. I had not been in a classroom for 20+ yrs. I was the oldest in my class and gave all the young ones a run for their money. I am talking grades, clinicals etc. All anyone needs is a desire to succeed. Good Luck to all who are taking the plunge. It was the best thing, I have ever done for myself
  4. by   Katnip
    Hope2, all that dedication to your volunteer work and such will definitely be taken into account. It shows intelligence, drive, and the ability to work hard. Go for it and good luck!