advice needed about applying for post graduation job

  1. I graduate in May. The health system i want to work for (it is 2 hospitals owned by same company) has just started taking applications from spring 2005 graduates, so i applied. you apply online. so i followed up with email. on application you note the areas you want to work in. i said PICU, NICU, L&D, ED.
    the recruiter who emailed back was very pleasant and said that the women's/children's units will be reviewing applications in late February, early March but other units will be doing so earlier.
    I guess with the number of nursing students graduating in May (my school will have about 35-40, private school in town-i have no idea how many graduates, and the university about 40 minutes away has some, too. ) i worry that i won't be able to get a job in my desired units. what if i wait until february/march, and i can't get a job in those units and then the other units already have a ton of applicants?
    lol, i am freaking out over nothing, i guess. am i worrying unreasonably?
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  3. by   Altra
    I hear ya ...

    I graduate in June, and it's time to begin the job search. The stress-o-meter has definitely ratcheted up a bit! :chuckle

    In your instance, it sounds like February is the time frame that has been determined to look at applications, so there's probably no need to panic. Your application is in, and will be given the same consideration as any others. Whether or not someone applies the day before you did, or on Jan. 31 probably doesn't matter.

    Best of luck to all of us!