advice for tests in my nursing research class?

  1. I'm taking nursing research this semester. I was hoping for some advice on those who have already taken it? What should I focus on for the first test.......we are using Foundations of Nursing Research by Rose Marie Nieswiadomy. My instructor is very stuffy and isnt much help. I failed ths first quiz so I need help! Our first test is Wednesday......any advice?
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    Not really a lot of advice to give... our class was pretty challenging and the teacher didn't reveal much either. She gave a study guide that helped about 40%. I told alot of the students after me to just be prepared to put a lot of time into the class if they wanted a decent grade. Our projects were worth more points than our tests (thankfully!)... so I put a lot of effort into them (literature review, etc.).

    I also searched the web for concepts and terms that I didn't get a grasp of from reading the text (not the same book as yours, but still).

    Also, even though the teacher is stuffy, have you gone to her office to ask what else she suggests that you can do in order to do better?

    Good luck!