Advice about moving/changing schools please.

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    I'm in level 1 currently, and I might experience a bit of difficulty down the road for which I would appreciate some advice. I don't know when, but it may happen that I have to move to a new state during my schooling. Has anyone else had to do this, and how did it work out? Did you get your credits transferred or have to start all over? I am attending MGCCC Jackson County Campus, a community college in south MS, in their 2-year ADN program. I don't know where I might be moving yet, though. Probably just somewhere within the Southeast where I'm at now.
    Thanks for any advice given. I really appreciate it.
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  3. by   allthingsbright
    I tried to move mid program and found it IMPOSSIBLE to transfer my nursing credits. You need to really check into what school you will be attending, and find out everything BEFORE you move. Get it all in writing too. See some of my previos posts for more on my experience. I had to move BACK to finish my education...