Adult Failure to Thrive Question

  1. Anyone use Adult failure to Thrive as a psychosocial Dx? My professor said it could be used as one and told me to go ahead. Just concerned she was mistaken. Anyone ever use it? My related to is decreased social relatedness.

    FYI: Pt is a 45 y/o Female, Spina Bifida at birth along with paralysis(lower extremities and partial abdominal) and a series of other challenges. Pt lives in a nursing home despite only being 45 and of sound mind. Pt conveyed her home is filled with full care residents with very few A+O and most over 80. There are better Dx that are more appropriate but I have used those already this semester. Any thoughts if Adult Failure to Thrive Dx can apply?
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  3. by   Jen2
    I never used that one before. How about Ineffective coping? Just a thought.
  4. by   dwag
    I have used failure to thrive before but primarily in children. Look to see what your client's social support system is like. You may be able to use risk for lonliness - from what you described she may not have very many people to talk/relate to.