Adult ADD/Can I do this?

  1. so here's my story, I entered nursing school (lpn program) and failed out, not due to lack of effort though, I wanted it more than anything... its been 2 years now, and I'm finally getting the courage up to try again, but this time, maybe part time instead. In my journey, I was diagnosed with ADD/LD and I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there with ADD and or LD who is enrolled or has graduated from Nursing School Successfully? and what helped you if anything, Please I need your imput, can I do this????
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  3. by   NBMom1225
    Yes, you CAN do this! I was just diagnosed 2 yrs ago with ADD at the age or 31, and I am almost done with my first 8wk section of an ADN program. I do take medication, so that makes all the difference. Also, I am not working so I am able to devote myself to the mounds of reading (afer having delt with my two kids, the housework etc!)...I don't think I could do this if I was working, at least not at the beginning of the program.

    Definitely get yourself organized right from the start, using binders, post-it page flags to mark the chapters that need to be read, a good bag/backpack that you keep all of your stuff in so you never have to root around at the last minute before school...and end up forgetting something vital. Organize your time too, 'x' amount of hours each day of reading per class, and start on assignment as soon as you get them. The most important thing for me is being able to study in a quiet place. If I go to the Learning Center at school, I end up looking up every time someone walks by, hearing every whispered conversation, and always finding something more interesting to look at than my textbook. So I shut myself away in our computer room at home, put on big headphones (no music) to muffle the sound of my kids and plod through the reading.

    So long at you have/can develop good study habits, ADD does not keep you from excelling at nursing school. Good luck!
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    You Can Also Request Accomodations At Your School If You Have Documentation Of Your Disability, Yes, Disability. If Granted You Can Get A Private Place To Test And Extra Time On Tests. It Is Well Worth Checking Into. I Have A Friend Who Graduated With Me, Bsn, That Was Diagnosed Add And This Is What She Got. Also, Can Take Boards With Extra Time And Private Room.