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What are everyones thoughts on going the route of getting an Associates Degree of Nursing via a 2 year(3+ including pre reqs) Community College. This is the route I am going to take unless I can... Read More

  1. by   FutureRNMichael
    Originally posted by Nurse_RaRa

    I'm thrilled to read these posts about ADN vs BSN. Thanks to all of you "seasoned" RN's out there for helping guide us!
    I'll ditto that 100 times over!!
  2. by   B.T.H
    I'm not an RN yet, but because of the shortage of nurses, I don't really think it matters if your a BSN or an ADN right now. I think unless your looking to get into management, or furthering your education later, then you would want a BSN, otherwise an ADN is fine. It's cheaper, faster(less pre-reqs) and once your working as an ADN then you can get your employer to pay for your BSN if you choose. If I didn't have my sights on something else after my BSN then I would have gone the ADN route. But with the way the waiting list is piling up at most ADN programs, the time spent waiting for a spot to open up could be used to finish the extra pre-reqs required for the BSN. You could just finish it all in one shot and get it over with.(Sorry had to play devil's avocate) B.T.H