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just an informal poll, who is in an adn program & who is in a bsn program & who is in an lpn program? what semester? this is not a which one is better. i think anyone smart enough to be in a... Read More

  1. by   ladyj
    4th semester ADN, pinning ceremony May 11th!
  2. by   SteveB
    Last semester of BSN. I graduate in May. YeeHaw! I'm about to go crazy from all the work.:roll
  3. by   jessjoy
    Second semester ADN program here. I finish Psych in one week and move on to Family/OB, I can't wait! I'll probably go ahead and get my Bachelors as long as I can find a hospital that will pay for it for me!!
  4. by   Josefin
    I have a question: What is the difference between BSN program and LPN program? Im Swedish so Im not used to the terms...
  5. by   BrandyBSN
    BSN is a four year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, offered through a four-year college/university. When we graduate, we will take the NCLEX-RN to become Registered Nurses (RN).

    LPN is a an 8 month to one year program (i think, correct me if the time length is wrong), usually offered through a vocational tech school, or community college. LPN students take the NCLEX-PN to become Licensed Practical Nurses.

    Does that help? Or did I just confuse you more

  6. by   wlbcrna
    First semester ADN four more to go yahooo!!!!
  7. by   Josefin
    Hmmm... I see, interesting! Then Im in the BSN programme. Our nursingprogramme is 3 years, but we get a BD in nursing. After we get our licence we work for about one-two years, and after that most RN`s specialize in for ex. psychiatry, prehospital, intensive care etc. The specialist nursing-progamme is 1 year (exept for midwife which is 1 1/2 year), and mostly paid by your employer. When we are specialized our title changes to "Registerd Specialist Nurse in psychiatry". (Or some other speciality ofcourse)

    We have LPN`s here too, but like in the US, those educations are about one year and not university based.

    Well. Now you got a lesson in Swedish nursing-programmes... VEEEEERY interesting and USEFUL for you!
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  8. by   BrandyBSN
    The three year programs here in the states are normally ADN (associate degree) programs. These are designed to be 2 year programs, but it takes a lot of students 3 years to complete because of all of the pre-reqs (required classes to take before starting nursing classes).

    There are SO MANY different ways to become a nurse in the states.

    LPN - 1 year (around that amount of time) at a tech school, or community college.
    ADN-RN - 2 years (although it takes a lot of people 3) at a community college. Come out of the program with an Associates Degree in Nursing
    Diploma-RN - 3 years, although these programs are not around much anymore. They were hospital-based programs not normally affiliated with a college or university.
    BSN-RN - 4 years, College/University based program, come out with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.

    There is a lot of diversity as far as nursing eduation goes. Everything considered, anyone who wants to be a nurse can probably find a type of program that will accommodate their lifestyle. I think this pretty much sums up the ways to become a nurse in the States, thanks for letting us know how it works in Sweden!

  9. by   Josefin
    But- I come out with a BD in nursing too! (Working on my paper at the moment) And our RN-programmes are universitybased, Im going to Uppsala univerity, one of Europes oldest... Though I know that nursingprogramme is to become 4 years from next year I think. There are also an opportunity to take one extra year after graduation to get a masters-exam.
  10. by   BrandyBSN
    That is great! Getting a Master's in four years would be very nice here, but it normally takes an extra two years here (depending on the type of speciality).

    It is so interesting to find out how programs work in other countries! Neat information!

  11. by   Josefin
    Hey by the way... I forgot to say that I think that the "swedish way" is the same as all other EC-countries (except for Norway), the eurpean community have got standard rules for all university programmes. Our licence is valid within all EC.
  12. by   Josefin
    Woooops- I fooled you by mistake... I now remember that it might be a difference between the american expression of masters and the european. I actually think that our "masters" is a mix between BD and the "american" masters. The normal time for a compleating a BD is 3 years here and 4 years for masters. (Although many needs more time than that ofcourse, hehehe)