Acid/Base/Electrolyte balance

  1. Hi everyone. Im in my first semester of school to become an RN. Im doing really well with lab and clincials but these NCLEX style tests are killing me. I've managed to maintain at least a 78 on all exams thus far (we need a 77 to pass). Well last night we had acid,base and electrolytes and I got a 74. So now I even have more pressure on me for the last two exams. I'm writing this partly to vent as well as obtaining any thoughts or comments from anyone else. Did any of you have a lot of trouble with this topic?
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  3. by   Medic24
    I didn't seem to have a problem with it. Our instructor is awesome with lecture and can really put it in terms easy to understand.
  4. by   Esme12
    Acid base balance is challenging for many students and it has a lot of information to absorb. What was the most challenging for you?
  5. by   jamieekins
    I am reading a book right now called "fluids and electrolytes made incredibly easy" as a refresher before I start my program in January. It is a AWESOME book. It breaks everything down and makes it all seem simple. You should check it out. It was recommended by a current student in the program I am going into, she told me that she had a really hard time with that part of patho and the book helped her immensely. Good luck to you! I am sure you will be fine
  6. by   Blue Cat
    Acid/Base imbalances and fluids and electrolytes are tough topics. I highly recommend buying an NCLEX style prep book with rationales. Go to the books store and browse through a few different ones and buy one that clicks with your learning style. Practicing NCLEX questions will help you approach them on future exams. Many of the books are organized by topic, so you can focus on acid/base, etc. Sometimes you might even see a question on an exam that is identical to one in the book.

  7. by   Lovely86
    I am taking Chemistry right now and have major trouble with balancing those! I was hoping to never see them again This is certainly something I do not look forward to at all!
  8. by   ORnurseCT
    jamieekins: that book has been a lifesaver.
  9. by   ThriveGirl
    Look online for the Mosby's Fluid & Electrolytes Memory Note Cards ISBN 978-0-323-06746-1. You will find it is amazing and will help you a lot with this exam. You can get it online as an ebook from Kindle also, but I took it with me everywhere. I just got a 98% on our exam.
  10. by   vnguyen416
    My professor took part in writing that book! Very great book!! That was our textbook for patho and saved our class. Highly recommend Made incredibly easy
  11. by   ThriveGirl
    Quote from vnguyen416
    My professor took part in writing that book! Very great book!! That was our textbook for patho and saved our class. Highly recommend Made incredibly easy
    Which book?
  12. by   Llawver
    Thanks everyone for your support I did ok with the ABG levels and metabolic/respirtory acidosis/alkalosis. What I found difficult was differentiating the symptoms for each electrolyte imbalance. They are so similar. Almost all of them have muscle weakness, confusion, nausea and vomitting. I developed a little system (which didnt work obviously)...kind of a symptom review for comparison. Breathing, BP, Heart GI, muscle/skeletal. I put all the norms on flash cards...but those weren't on the test. It does make me feel a lot better knowing that others have trouble wih this subject.