ACCKKKKK Going positively nuts....

  1. Hey Ya'll

    Hope school is going extremely well for everyone and no one's head has exploded yet!

    We were doing critical thinking exercises the other day. One came up that should have been fairly easy to answer: When was licensing mandated for LPN's in New Jersey. Several of us had spent several hours using different resources and not a one of us could find the answer.....

    Our instructors said the information was somewhere in our class room. So at lunch time we all broke up into groups and basically ransacked the classroom looking for the information, much to our instructors amusement. (Wouldn't even give us a "hot" or "cold" like you do when you play hiding games!:roll

    We would really like to find the answer on our own. So far we have tried history sites on the internet, our states BON site, legislative sites, our school site, library reference books, nursing reference materials, all of our own school books....and the list goes on...

    If someone would toss us a hint we would be extremely grateful!

    Thanks for letting me ramble!

    (who is thinking "Just watch the info is going to be in some place soooooo obvious we are all gonna smack ourselves in the head!")
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  3. by   NurseWeasel
    Did you try google?
  4. by   rebel_red
    Yes, thank you! Google is always the first place I go because you can usually find things sooooo quickly! I thought maybe I just wasn't using the appropriate search terms....Yet I found the info for several other states....

  5. by   essarge
    Try calling your state board of nursing. They should have the answer!