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Hello I have a BS in biology and was planning on appying to accelerated BSN programs this summer, with the intention of eventually earning my MSN. I was curious if masters programs prefer students... Read More

  1. by   melmarie23
    Quote from airozen
    Actually, what I'm looking to do is a bridge program to MSN without getting a BSN. Apparently, this is a possibility, if one already has a bachelor's degree.
    UMDNJ had a program, but I can't find any other schools that offer it; I'll call Rutgers tomorrow and find out. They don't advertise this on the UMDNJ website--seems like they keep this option low profile; maybe they want students to come to their other programs rather than attend community colleges? Any thoughts, anyone?
    this is absolutely a possibility. I am currently in one of these programs.

    If you are willing to go to school in New England, there are a handful of schools that offer such programs.
  2. by   Lefty Lou
    I believe you still earn a BSN through a masters bridge program, but it's just all incorporated. Instead of doing a BSN then applying to a different MSN program, youre doing both in one straight shot.