Accelerated BSN and Hospital Experience

  1. Hi all! I'm applying to an accelerated second-degree BSN program. For those of you who are in programs like this and who had a completely different first bachelor's degree...did you have much experience working or volunteering in hospitals/health care settings? If so, how much/what did you do?

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  3. by   verene
    I went to an ABSN program. I had 2 years experience as a hospice volunteer and almost 3 years experience as a CNA in mental health and hospice.
    For my particular school health care experience did not provide and advantage in terms of extra points during the admissions process, but I do think having the experience helped me personally in writing a compelling personal statement and in having healthcare based examples for answers to interview questions.
  4. by   Guy in Babyland
    A few of my cohort worked in a nursing home, ems, athletic training, and personal trainers, but none worked in a hospital. Nobody had an issue passing the program. I worked in a hospital for many years prior to nursing school. It did give me a slight advantage with medical terminology and hospital setting.
  5. by   kb7291
    Thanks so much for your insight - it's really helpful!