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I'm in a BSN program right now and its super stressful because it is an extremely competative nursing program and I'm getting tired of dealing with professor politics. Anyway, I am considering... Read More

  1. by   ®Nurse
    Please note, that while you are earning your BSN from scratch, you are not accumulating time in grade as an RN. This means, that when you start your first job as an RN, you will be marking "No Prior Experience" on your application right out of school.

    I work full time in acute care as an RN and take fully NLN accredited online classes for my BSN at my leisure. Very, very do-able and easy on the pocketbook since my employer reimburses me for those classes that I take. Get on the web and search for online NLN approved BSN programs. There are many out there.

    My recommendation is to get your RN. Work as an RN and take classes towards your BSN. You had the patience to get this far in life, you can get where you want to go without breaking the bank if you play your cards right.
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    can anyone help me please? i am a seasoned allied health care professional. i have been a CMA for 12 years, i have a clinical, administrative, amd teaching background. I have a associates degree in allied health, certified allied healthcare instructor w/ 6 years teaching experience. i have now hit the glass ceiling!! i want to know how i can apply my past achievments towards becoming a nurse as quickly as possible. do i go the lpn to rn route, do i go the asn to bsn route? i need some help here, because at my age time is of the essence!
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    Quote from carveronica
    Everyone gave some good valuable advice. I currently attend a University in california and I'm not as young as any of you. I have a very big family and I have been divorced for many years now. I have wanted to be a nurse my whole life. I have been going to school one class at a time and have got very burnt out. I want so bad to become a nurse. I thought maybe I should just go for my ASN. I don't currently have a job and never had a permanent job for more then one year. It's been hard and stressful. I was accepted into my local University this quarter and want to keep pushing forward to make my dream a reality. This Friday I had an appointment with an advisior who had advised me to get a least two minors. She said that my nursing classes will not be enough units to get any fiancial aid. She suggested that I minor in Sociology or Psychology to fill the gaps. She also said that I can double major. I don't know what to do!!! I can i get any advice out there. I'm getting very tried of school and I want to get started with some career. i don't have very many years to work.
    I have to take extra classes to stay full-time for my scholarship as well. I'm getting a minor in Chemistry. I enjoy the topic and figured the knowledge will be useful as I go for my masters and need to take advanced pharmacology and pathophysiology.

    Best of luck!!!