A revelation

  1. I had a revelation today. I decided this is not what I suppose to do. I wanted to be a nurse because I like people, and I want to help them and also when I got to be a RN, I wanted to work with babies. I love me some babies. I hate when mothers treat their babies like crap. I talk to an instructor today about how I wasn't doing good in some of my classes. She suggested that I probably shouldn't have taken so many classes and that I should try and see if I could be a CNA or a LPN and see if I could handle that first and if I wanted too come back and get my degree. She said if I am overwhelm now that I probably will be stress in the semesters to come. She told me that the second semester is the easy one. I mean I had these feelings way before I went and seen her. I still have time to figure out what I want to do in life. I feel like my destiny is somewhere else and not to be a nurse. Goodluck to you nursing students. God Bless, Ebony
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  3. by   psalm
    ...yeah, I went thru that my first clinical semester thinking, Today is the day I tell my instructor I am through! But I gave it another week and then another, etc and I graduated in May 2002. Pray about it. God bless.