A phamacology and AP II combo during the summer?

  1. I have four classes to take before Oct 31st for an accelerated fast-track program. I was going to wait for a deadline in Feb but that seems like a long wait. I was considering taking A&P II and Pharmacology in the summer, test out with CLEP of Growth and Development, and take an eight week speech class. This would give me a few weeks between the last class and the deadline.

    Even for me this seems a bit much and dont know if this would be difficult. Currently I am taking A&P I and Micro and spend a bit of time studying but have A's. I currently have quite a bit of biology hours that help me and also have many other hours with a 3.8. The downside is that I do work and live a bit away from campus and that takes some time away from studying.

    Any advise would be helpful....
    Thank you,

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  3. by   wonderbee
    That would depend on how disciplined you are and how much of a glutton for punishment. The curriculum tries to pack in 16 weeks of learning into 6. You're talking intense. But it's certainly doable if you've got the natural smarts for science and have cleared your calendar. Just do yourself a favor and save some time between the end of summer and the beginning of fall to do absolutely nothing.
  4. by   JenRN_2B
    I say go for it! I'm taking micro with pharm this summer. I know it will be difficult, but do-able. Good luck!