A&PII....1st lab and lecture test....WOW

  1. Welp......finished 1st lab test with an 86......not too bad.....was a little miffed because I felt I could do better. Out of 30 only 6 had higher.......THEN the lecture test.....well.......to say the least it SUCKED. I made my lowest score ever on a test.....and I do mean ever. Even when I was in high school I never received a grade this low. It was a 58. I thought I would die. One girl came out of class(very smart....hand over mouth crying) saw her later....she made a 56. It was rough. We can retake our lecture tests at the end of the semester though so I will definitely retake this one. There was only one A and it was a 92. The lowest score was a 32. It was just horrible.....time to regroup and move on......thanks for listening!
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  3. by   kimmicoobug
    A&P 2 is veeeerrrrrry hard (for me), so don't feel too bad. I got my lowest grade in that class a B-. What is really important is that you got the concepts behind it. For example, I never learned the concepts involved with the heart's functioning in A&P 2, so when we went over the heart last year in nursing I totally paniced. But, by the time the test came I understood the material because of the little that I did learn in A&P. I suppose I am just putting in my two cents because I totally remember that feeling and can definitely relate.
  4. by   studentdeb
    Completely know how you are feeling. The results of my first A&PI lecture test was a 66% and the lab was a 95%. I am much better at the lab. My 2nd lab test was a 85%. My 2nd lecture test will be next Tues. Hopefully I will do better.

    Our class was the same, there were alot of low grades. It's amazing how hard it can be. There is so much info to absorb.

    I'm sure you will do better. Keep your chin up and Good luck!!
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    robin, first let me say congratulations![color] you still have time to come back strong on your lecture test. hang in there and keep the faith!
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    We are all "discussing" how to study better,lol....one A and 2 B's I think in the whole class for lecture,LOL.....hey at least I can laugh.....others can't. I just look at it as a way to find another way to go after it...now if I do as bad on the second....well......I may be upset!