A&P I: Organizing & Study Styles

  1. Hi guys,
    I would like to know if you type up your AP class notes, or do you just use your handwritten notes? I am just trying to come up with something taht will work for me. I also like to have visual stuff, so I google say, simple squamous cells, and then copy paste it , and write underneath it about this type of tissue, etc etc. I am trying to choose between having all handwritten or all typed up notes. Seems to be you get as much memorization when you re-type your own handwritten notes, what do you think?

    I also started flashcards (great idea!) as I read that they helped a lot of people here. Also got a binder to have everything in order, so I will have "Chapter 5:Histology" and everything under Histology will go there, then I will put a divider for the next chapter.

    I know this topic has been discussed numerous times, but instead of going back to old threads, I thought we would have something new

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  3. by   Daytonite
    You know, it is the actual physical act of writing/typing the notes that cements the information in to the brain cells, don't you? Which ever works for you the best is what you should do. In more recent years I find typing into the computer to be physically easier than writing with a pen.

    I also create my own flashcards on the computer. Don't even have to print them out. I can change the font colors to hide the answers and then reveal them by changing the font color again as I need. The computer is a great paper saving and time saving tool if you know how to work with it.

    Here is a link you might find interesting: http://sciweb.hfcc.edu/Biology/AP/st...udy.ideas.html - Study tips from an anatomy professor. Advice on how to study.
  4. by   squirtle
    I used to hand write all of my notes because that was the way that I really learned the material. Since beginning the program though, I have realized that I can't possibly hand write everything. It is just not time efficient. I started doing study guides in excel. I label one column as questions and then type the answers in the column next to it. I create several questions from my class/ lecture notes. The material seems to really stick with me when I type it in. Then when preparing for the unit exam I will go back and hide the answer column and try to fill in the answers myself without looking. Then I compare my answers and place an "x" in the column next to the incorrect answers. I can then pull a filter on the "x's and study those questions. This method has worked really well for me. It is quite convienent when it comes time for the final exam as well.
  5. by   FinderKeeper
    Thanks for the link

    The mechanical part of writing down or typing is a huge help, I think also, when I try to explain to my study partner as if I was the teacher, it really gets the material in.....

    AP is getting more interesting as we progress into this semester.
  6. by   massin1218
    Typing has really worked for me too. I usually write the main points/characteristics in flash cards while drawing pictures intead of just looking at them (whenever needed)-say squamous cells-. Combined, these techniques help me not only memorize but at the same time understand information better.

    Good Luck in your studies everyone!!!!

  7. by   peacelovestar
    Not sure if this is weird or normal but I do all sorts of studying tactics or else I get bored. For example.. our second test was on chapters 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

    For chapters 4 and 5 I put every single thing on flash cards. I try to limit myself to 100 flash cards for each chapter. It's not as time consuming as it sounds as I easily do it while I'm watching T.V. I do the flash cards once or twice a day and fly through them by the end.

    For Chapters 6 and 7 I wrote out everything as if I were a teacher and was explaining it to someone. This is kind of time consuming and the most annoying way but it's very helpful and I really understand everything after.

    For Chapters 8 and 9 I highlight in the book all the important parts and just read, read, read. I say things out loud a lot (for example; I'll read a paragraph and then recite what I just read in my own words).

    I also have spent a lot of time at the (free! thank god!) copy machine. I cover up the labels of the various figures with cut up pieces of post-its (so they easily stick and peal off) and then photocopy a bunch of them. This made learning a bunch of those early chapter things a lot easier and I've still done it with these last chapters. I'm talking about the parts of the body, muscles, bones..etc.

    I also photocopy the end of the book (with all the answers to the questions throughout the chapters and the end of chapter reviews) It is so helpful to not have to keep flipping back and forth to check answers when I have them right infront of me.

    After I take the test, I throw all my study guides into a big labeled envelope and never look at them again!! Well, at least until the final.