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  1. I didn't pass A&P II and have to retake the lecture portion in the summer. I feel like such a failure! I also have to take two more core classes during the summer; talk about pressure. I can't celebrate the fact that I'll be a senior next year because I'm so nervous about A&P. Any advice?

    Also: Congratulations to the Class of 2002! I hope to be in your shoes next year!!!!!
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  3. by   MPHkatie
    Looking at this as an opportunity- albeit, not a very pleasant one. Be sure to introduce yourself to the teacher and the TA for the summer right away so you can build a working relationship with them. Look at where you did well in A and P and where you had trouble, so you know where to focus (those summer sessions go fast) If study groups help you, get into one, but be sure you are in one that works- not one that goofs off. When I took A and P I actually used a micro tape recorder and then transcribed the notes. It was a long process, but I did well in the class. As I listened to the tape to transcribe it, I learned it as well. Best wishes!!!! you will do fine.
  4. by   Mkue
    I personally think you will do Much better in your next class this summer. I know that you saved all of the material from the first class so you can use that, and any answers that were wrong be sure to get the correct answers from a classmate. If you have previous tests, those will help also.

    Sometimes, it's not You, but the way the material is presented by the instructor, and A&P II is very difficult. I had a few in my class that had failed the lecture and were taking it again, so it does happen.

    Good Luck !