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  1. I can not believe my wildest dreams. I studied over the last 2 days for my A&P exam on Genetics O.K. My instructor gave us a review sheet and I studied that and had all the answers. So when we went to class before the exam she said the majority of the test would be Genetis, so I did not study that much about the Intgumentary system. We'll today we took the test and to my wildest dream the majority of what I studied which was genetics like she instructed us was not on there some but not all. I am so afraid I am not going to pass this class!! I have a C in it so far but I only have about 2 more weeks left before the semester ends and I am so upset because I feel like I won't be a good nurse If I don't remember this stuff!! Does anybody ever feel like that???

    Thanks for listening!!!
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  3. by   marci3335
    I have learned (the hard way) never to try and predict what will be on a test. My A&P instructor is so unpredictable- as are many instructors! Does it make you a bad nurse candidate if you do bad on a test (or a class)? No, that's not an indicator of a good or bad nurse.

    Some people test better than others and some just run into some bad luck on instructors and the tests they give! Hang in there and don't give up the ship!

  4. by   GPatty
    Oh Shoot!
    I have 13 weeks to go and don't feel like my brain has retained ANYTHING!!!!!
    But, you'll be surprised.
    And, study whatever you go over in class....that way, the instructor can't sneak up on you. That's what I do anyway! Think I need to though!
    Good Luck to ya!