3 weeks left in danger of failing

  1. Hi all, I am anticipating graduation on may 10. More than half of my class is in the danger zone with test averages in the mid 70's. mine is a 74 and 73 is passing. We got our 4th exam back and the instructors omitted 12 questions because if they didn't "no one would be graduating". We've had new instructors each semester and our director is on a leave of absence since January. I am putting forth my best effort but it doesn't seem to be enough. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or similar stories with a successful ending?? I am trying SO hard not to lose hope but the moral of my class is so grim. I score well on kaplan an have been using Saunders for review as well as all the hand outs articles and text material. I am not whining I just could really use some encouragement. I'm in a 2 yr ADN program in New England.
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  3. by   AlaskaHopeful
    I cannot say that I have even made it as far as you have. I just got my CNA certification, 5 months ago. I just found out that I got the offer for the ED tech at my local hospital. I was starting to feel like I wasted my time until I got the offer. You are closer to the finish line than you have even been. The best advice that I can give you is DO NOT GIVE UP! You have made it this far, there is a reason you made it this far. Your graduation date is so close. Push like you have never pushed before. Know that in just a few short weeks you will be done. You will move onto your NCLEX and pass. Then you will be able to WORK! Don't think negative, be positive and visualize yourself at the top of the world at the end! You got this!