3 science classes (part two)

  1. Hi guys,
    Thanks for everyone's support! Well wouldn't you know, I went to see my advisor today and they are letting me take the physio classs. She got pissed off at my previous advisor (who is no longer there) Because it would've have been a huge mistake when the error would've surfaced next semester and Dean of Nursing would've chewed her head off she told me. Why? Because at my school you are supposed to take anatomy and physiology together unless you had taken them previously somewhere else. Further more there's no way in heaven they would've let me take 3 science classes together. So I would've have to during the summer now get this, physio is 5 credits at my school. And in order to get a loan for the summer you have to have 6 credits (no less , no more)Keep in mind that it's $550 per credit. So I automatically would not have qualified. Then on top of it she told me they would not have let me take it out of the college.
    Then I got the next problem, this class meets on thursdays from 5-7 pm. I'm the only one that can pick up my son on TH and his daycare closes at 6:30 PM so I spoke to my prof and he told me no problem I can leave at 6 PM (cause there's a break around that time) and there will be no penalty and that all of his exams are on tuesdays anyway... I was so thrilled. I almost kissed him...

    I'm starting to believe that someone up there really wants me to be a nurse. Isn't amazing when things work out the way you want them to... I'm going to mass tomorrow ('cause there's a chapel on campus) to say my thanks!
    :kiss This is for my prof even though he won't see it!!!:chuckle
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    That makes things MUCH easier!!!

    Your Professor is the BEST!!! I'd be going to mass too!