2nd degree BSN programs?

  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone is or are planning on attending the following 2nd degree BSN programs, and if anyone is could you shed some insight about the program etc...
    Drexel- Philly, Duquesne- Pittsburgh, Barry- Florida
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  3. by   bet0326

    Just started Barry's second degree BSN. It's very time consuming. A lot more like high school than college. I mean there's a quiz every week in the sciences. There is free tutoring. Some classes have homework. This is all probably due to the fact that you have to maintain a B in all your nursing classes and a B average. Everyone here is extremely helpful and nice. Not to mention that this place is full of future nurses.

    I went to a state school before here so I don't have any complaints, however some people do. They want more personalized attention (every teacher knows my name that's enough for me) and more hand holding. Personally, I love it here and I wouldn't do anything different. Nurses have respect here and they are a valued part of the school community. Well Good Luck
  4. by   TheBrainMusher

    I'm looking at TJU (Thomas Jefferson Univesity) in PHilly and Drexel's program. Drexel starts twice a year, TJU is just once. I hear they are both good programs, I am in the process of researching them. They both have open houses coming, I suggest researching them and then attending! Can't write a lot right now, but those are the programs! Oh yeah, I think villanova also has a 2nd degree program, (many places do but they either aren't accelerated or aren't highly publicized). University of delaware also has one! Check out allnursingschools.com