101: DONE!

  1. I cannot believe my first semester of nursing school is DONE! I was exempt from the final and finished the course with a 93%. We took the CAP test today (through ATI) for Fundamentals. I scored a level 3 and ranked in the 94th percentile nationally. I am feeling grrrrrrrrrreat today!
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  3. by   donk
    Congrats!! That's awesome!!
  4. by   hunnybunches
    Congratulations! Thank you for the positive post! It's very refreshing! ^_^
  5. by   ElaineT
    Hi, RunnerRN2015, I read your other threads and gathered that you are a graduate of CCHS. I'm interested in their pre-nursing or nursing program ad was wondering what the class schedule is like? Is class everyday at a certain time, etc.

    I'm a PRN CNA. I work in a different area and attend school in another. Currently I return home on the weekends to work, I'm wondering if I could continue that with the schedule.