"Please don't discourage me!" - page 2

Today while I was volunteering at the hospital, one of the male nurses came up to me and told me that I don't want to be a nurse! He said that I would have to take a bunch of !@#$ from men who... Read More

  1. by   dianthe1013
    LOL I think Kristi has a point... Sounds like what he wanted to hear was, "Well, I don't have a husband..."

    As hamhanded as that might sound, trust me when I say I have heard worse attempts.

    Don't let it get you down. Listen to yourself. After all, you're to only one who knows what's right for you.

  2. by   Emery
    LOL Kristi!! Well, if that IS what he was doing, there is no chance; he's probably 40+ years older than me! :-) *shrug* Strange people these days
  3. by   KRVRN
    HA! 40+ years doesn't matter to some! I had a 53 y.o. nurse during my psych clinical flirting with me hard core. Granted, that's only 30 years my senior and not 40, but still! Haha and I looked young for my age, coulda passed for about 18. Guess he looked right past the diamond-I'm-taken-ring on my finger.