? increase fluid intake to what?

  1. I am doing a care plan for ineffective airway clearance r/t bronchospasm... nursing action: increase fluids to keep secretions thin... so, my question is increase fluids to how much? I have two med surg books, many others and all they say is increase fluids..not how much. I have searched online also and can not find a specific (or general) amount. If anyone knows how much I'd be thankful if you could help me.

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  3. by   nursepotter05
    If the patient does not have congestive heart failure or any other condition which would cause one to take on water, I always put in my care plans to increase fliud intake to >1000 cc's during the shift.
  4. by   Boe
    Thank you.

  5. by   Michelle St
    I have in the past wrote: Since the pateint currently isnt on any fluid restrictions, and isnt expierencing any renal failure/problems. That Ideally The pateint would drink 8 8oz glasses of water a day for hydration. I also mentioned that the pateint should limit caffeine consumption as its a diuretic. Hopefully that helps, my instructors in the past have liked it.