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  1. For my senior nursing practicum, I have to create clinical learning objectives that we should try to accomplish before the end of the course. We have to turn these objectives into a reference learning project. I am really not sure if my objectives are measurable and would allow me to create a reference project for it. Do you guys have any suggestions? I have the following:

    1. I will recognize abnormal lab values
    2. I will employ CPR to a patient if the need arises
    3. I will identify adventitious breath sounds
    4. I will demonstrate foley catheter insertion/removal
    5. I will identify signs/symptoms of hypo/hyperglycemia

    For example for the reference learning project, I would have to create some kind of chart with normal lab values and the indications for high or low abnormal values.

    Are the objectives reasonable or are there better ones out there that I haven't come up with yet???
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  3. by   twarlik
    I would think that you could take some of them and expand on them even more. For example, instead of just recognizing abnormal lab values, you could also name possible causes for abnormal results. The same for the breath sounds.

    At any rate, that's just my opinion. Good luck with your project.
  4. by   zambezi
    I agree with the previous poster. When I did this, I tried to pick one topic per week and tie it to the system that I was studying for the NCLEX. For example, if I was studying the cardiovascular system for the week some of my learning objectives would be to
    1) Identify 10 commen heart medications and be able to list side effects, nursing considerations, and action of medications.
    2)Identify and demonstrate the five areas of cardiac auscultation and be able to list various diseases thay may cause abnormal heart sounds.
    3)Observe a code situation and/or participate by doing CPR. Identify the cardiac rhythm and discuss the implications of this rhythm and the medications/course of action that can be used to treat this rhythm. (If you don't need to know rhythms, just look at the code sheet and find out what rhythm the patient was in).

    We had to state how we were going to accomplish the goal and then attach references (our assessment book or journal artical--we had to have two journal articles a week). Another thing that I did was try to pick common disease to learn about for the week--ie: CHF. Then I tried to follow a patient with whatever I picked.
    I really tried to use my NCLEX study book as a guide...it made it a little more indepth, but I got and A and had to do a lot less cramming at the end for the NCLEX becuase I studied as I went along...also for me it is easier to remember if I can see how diseases manifests. JMO!
  5. by   BSNgrad2004
    thanks for your ideas, I will take them into consideration.