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Can anyone tell me exactly what Zoloft does for a child? We're having major problems with her as far as hyperactivity and behavior problems, and I'm about at the end of my rope! I begin school in... Read More

  1. by   nurs2bhopefully
    Nanna: No offense taken at all, the school counselor had already hinted to this. Being the "have to prove it" person that I am, I took her to her pediatrician and told her exactly what the school was implying, and just ask her to talk to my daughter and check her out with a fine tooth comb and make a copy of her findings for me and for the school. To my relief, a very good report. One of my children being abused has been one of my major fears since they've been born, so I didnt' hesitate to make sure it wasn't happening and maybe she was just afraid to tell. So I know that's not the problem. Her grandmother said that her Dad was the same way when he was little, and just kind of laughs about it, but I'm not sure she really understands the extent of my daughters abusive and disrespectful behavior. I did start her on the Zoloft, and gave it to her for 4 days, but just had a really bad feeling each time I watched her take it. Don't know why, and maybe I'm being selfish, but I quit giving it to her. I'm hoping that using some of the advice that I've gotten here, and the main one being CONSISTENCY, that's a huge problem of mine! That we can conquer this! I may be back crying for another prescription for the Zoloft b4 long, but for now my gut just tells me to work with her and try to get more out of her mouth (what's she's feeling) instead of putting more into it (mind altering prescriptions). Oh yea, and we do have an appointment with a child psychologist next month, supposed to be really good with children and teens, so all of you who pray......... pray that it's all that she'll need! Thanks again for all of your help!