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Your priorities In a recent show of "Scrubs" a very interesting view point was presented, that the number one priority for a doctor is the hospital. As I began to dwell on this and reflect... Read More

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    thank god for caller id and kids, they all answer the phone anyway, and always respond daddies gone golfing again. or daddies sleeping, or daddies gone to the topless bar or whatever.
    i can't wait for my 4 yr old to answer the phone...and fib for mommy!! :wink2:
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    One of the biggest disadvantages of choosing to work in a "helping profession" is that the public, employers, and society in general expect one to always put others (strangers) first. We have to set our own limits with our employers; I feel sorry for those of my co-workers who complain to me about how much they are "having" to work, and in the next breath talk about how they "just couldn't say no, because we are so short-staffed". Well, we are short-staffed, but that isn't my fault, nor my responsibility to fix. I work hard on those short-staffed days, but I don't resent all my co-workers who have chosen to keep their days off to themselves. Because I do the same on my days off.

    I am not a martyr, and I guess I'm not much of a hero either. I'm just a good worker on the days I have to be there, (and I'm there because I have to earn a living) and feel no obligation on my days off. It's my belief that this is the way it is supposed to be.
    Very well stated. Unfortunately when you have those who choose to make it their life, it becomes a conflict with those who can't (or choose not to) make it their life. Everyone's situation is different, and we tend to judge those who can not give as much as the next. I really do wish I could work more, but not at my child's expense. We never chose to pay someone for childcare, so I could work a normal full time schedule. Nursing has the flexibiltiy, which is something I thought about early on, before I hAd children. It's not like I'm an attorney, asking to work 2 12hr night shifts.
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    generally speaking, administration will look down on anyone that doesn't benefit them. there is virtually no appreciation from the top brass, thus one of the major reasons for burnout and nursing shortage. they'll work you until they can suck you dry, if you let them.

    I absolutely agree. NEVER martyr yourself for the job.....first, you don't perform well if your exhausted and burnt out; second, it is just a one is irreplaceable. Going the extra mile in a crunch is one thing, but being the one who always makes the sacrifices ,etc, etc ad nauseum is just an ego trip that hurts us all because the brass tends to come to expect it all the time.

    God, family, and self preservation first.