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You sit through 3 red lights before you realize the car in front of you is broken down, and not just stopped at the light. oops.... Read More

  1. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    Quote from marycarney
    ....when, after three decades on the night shift, every phone conversations with your relatives starts out with the obligatory "I'm not waking you up, am I?" (they've all experienced my 3am call 'just to chat' - it keeps them honest!)...
    Did this to hubby. He asks me to help with yardwork at 10-11am. I said "Fine, but I am going to get you up to mow the lawn at 0230am so you know how I feel about it."

    He never made that mistake again.
  2. by   multi10
    hiddencatRN, what is "gangham style?"
  3. by   NewbieNeedsHelp
    Quote from SpecialK38
    you can dance "gangham style" in the nurses station and not get in trouble for it......
    We had a very confused Cantonese speaking patient who was agitated. Nobody could communicate with him, had him sitting at the station with us. He tried to get up and I finally just let him... I randomly started teaching him how to do gangham style!! He laughed and laughed and we danced a while. Then the doctor walked up on us and said "guess we don't need the haldol anymore!" Hahahah nice.
  4. by   kguill975
    You turn your car on to "warm it up" before driving off, only to be woken up by someone getting off at 3pm, because you slept in your car, during the entire day shift. I now have the "smokers" knock on my window if I'm still in the parking lot when they go on their first "smoke break" at 10am.
  5. by   multi10
    Indy and wooh, I'm cracking up laughing right now. You get it. I love that.
  6. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    You know you're night shift when you get to clean up the warm, stale food left over from day shift's party.
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    Quote from multi10
    hiddencatRN, what is "gangham style?"
    Gangnam Style:

    (Gangnam is South Korea's version of Beverly Hills.)

    [Live HD 720p] 120715 - PSY - Gangnam style (Comeback stage) - Inkigayo - YouTube

    Edited to add English translation:
    PSY - Gangnam Style Lyrics (English & Romanized)
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I've slapped my face, got out and walked, let window down, chewed gum, and tapped in sync w/music- all while intermittent dosing. But that was mainly getting used to day shift- where I am hypersensitive to light and sound until around lunch

    I would walk outside during the day sometime and shield my face from the overwhelming light, and think,...what is night shift doing to my body. Once on a flight arrival to a Hong Kong UMC Clinic, I was ready to go, the other nurses looked like Zombies- I was bright eyed and bushy tailed

    Now watch this thread slow down as the night shifters bed down, and day shifters come in and yell at all the comments about dayshift
  9. by   BrandonLPN
    I always thought it was funny when pts would push their call lights during the night and then apologize for having to wake you up. I think some people just assumed we were all sleeping until a call light woke us up....
  10. by   multi10
    To NurseOnAMotorcycle: Da. I watched it. Thank you. Very talented people, all of them. The focus, for me, was the front-man with the voice. It's always about the voice, and he sure has a good one. The rest of the girls were beautiful.
  11. by   wooh
    Quote from goomer personal favorite.....when you get angrier than hell at people who think those who are up in the middle of the night must be some kind of weirdo or degenerate.....that is....until THEY land their butts in YOUR ER in the middle of the night. Guess we night people are pretty important after all, eh?
    My parents used to tell me decent people weren't out at "that time of night" when I was still living at home and worked fast food and would go out with my coworkers after we closed. They've changed their tune since then. Especially after both my parents worked night gigs for a while.

    Quote from multi10
    Indy and wooh, I'm cracking up laughing right now. You get it. I love that.
    One of my all-time fave movies there! Taught me the difference between " and '.
  12. by   NurseCJV
    I'm a new grad about to start the night shift in a few weeks. I've never did anything in my life overnight other than sleep haha. Am I in for a rude awakening?

    All this talk about being sleepy while driving back home is kinda scary. You guys stay safe!
  13. by   multi10
    Wooh, now I'm intrigued. What's the difference between " and'. ? I saw the movie twice and don't know what you're referring to. I guess I should watch it again. (I broke up with a guy who didn't think ST was funny.)