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I am writing this on behalf of a family member who works at a particular hospital in CT, and is seeking some advice. Since I don't want to be sued for slander and defamation of character some of th... Read More

  1. by   sunnyjohn
    Quote from DarciaMoonz
    They don't insert catheters. There is no difference in the PCA I and PCA II position as far as skills go. The catch is the raise that is attached to it. She is a Licensed phlebotomist an and has taken some nursing courses also. So if they are going by skills, she has gone on to do alot of stuff the others hasn't. I know this is her battle, but she has been there many times for me, and I posted here on this site b/c it is medical and I thought it was a good topic being that there has to be someone who has gone through something similar and it could be an experience that some of us may encounter someday. I didn't know that there were restrictions on what is considered an appropriate topic to post. So I apologize.
    Auntie needs to pick up her pen, write a letter to HR and fight the good fight.

    Sometimes good employess get overlooked because they are too good and put up with slights from the employers (ie, "it's my calling", "I'm not in it for the money", etc, etc....)

    Your Aunt worked hard and deserves the recognition of a job well done. Tell her to push for it.
  2. by   chuchie
    Quote from SMK1
    I would send a letter to the bosses and the HR manager and request a meeting. The letter should be non emotional and should focus on your accomplishments, include letters of recommendation if you can get them. Do not bring up the race issue or the age issue. Ask for a side by side comparison of the others compared to yourself so that you can see why the decision was made.

    I also think that this is a good idea. Plus, maybe this could be an opportunity to ask for a raise? I am very sorry for her situation and she is lucky to have you helping her. I can understand how she feels when you do more than pull your load and your hard work isn't appreciated or acknowledged.
  3. by   mced
    There are always two sides to a story. You are presenting one side. If your "auntie" is as upset about this as you certainly seem to be, then she needs to take her argument to someone relevant to this dispute. Someone such as her boss.