1. now i know how awful yesterday was, but someone has got to tell everyone about the bible... in the book of revelations... it's true... it's all coming true! the wars, and rumors of wars, the earthquakes in diverse places, the pestilence, the famines. do you all realize that soon the lord is coming back? and those who do not believe are going to burn in hell? so please... take a look at your hearts and your souls. do you know where you are destined?

    i am crushed by the turmoil in ny and dc. i don't think i knew anyone there, but i have been crying yesterday and today, most of the day. all i wanted to do yesterday was hug my children. dayton, ohio and indianapolis actually locked down schools... no one in or out. that was terrifying to me! i don't want to see any more of this nonsense here, but unfortunately, it's just the beginning.

    please everyone, take care and may god bless all of you.

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