Yes, it's different

  1. In responce to the "Where are they all going" discussion below a person described how over loaded they where with very unsafe nurse/patient ratios, they didn't have time to even use the bathroom.
    Yes it is different in other areas. I worked at St. Joseph's Hospital's (Marshfield, Wi) 8 North (med-surg) until last month (currently in the SICU) and it's nothing like that. RNs usually have 4 patients, maybe 5 on a busy day. There are several CNAs on the floor each shift do assist and RNs actually have time to do good patient care. My friends on the other floors tell me it's pretty much like that on their floors. Only twice in the last 6 months was I to busy to go to lunch, usually I even get a break!
    They have many job openings for RNs and it's a great place to work, in a very nice low-cost of living area with GREAT schools.
    Only problem is the low pay (new grads make $20.25/hour).
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