Wow, time flies!

  1. I posted some stuff when I was a new nurse about 15 years ago. Funny to see my thoughts from back then. I can say that not everything in my nursing career has been peachy keen. But, I am still a nurse. I have done so many things since then. I finally decided what I wanted to do. And I see it was depression that made me hate everything. I do look back on my Navy days and I am thankful for all of the training and opportunity I had to learn different skills. Psych and oncology stick out the most. And home infusions/home health made me understand that I didn't want someone making my schedule or hovering over my shoulder. I finally went back to school and graduated in dec 2017 as a psych/mental health nurse practitioner. I then took a leap of faith (because I didn't want some physician making a ton of money off of me and making me work my fingers to the bone) and opened my own practice. Its been one of the hardest things I have done ( cause I have been everything from web designer, marketer, IT and ERH specialist, accountant, office assistant - goodness everything - , but I like not having to answer to anyone. Its so much to learn!! I am now looking for an office to begin my next phase of the plan. Lets see what happens next! And Never Give Up!!
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  3. by   Davey Do

    You are one motivated individual with an uncanny ability to succeed!

    I doff my proverbial hat to you! Both for your accomplishments AND for your ability to put 15 years of your life in one succinct paragraph!

    Keep on keeping on!