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OK...I just started my new job two months ago. I was promised full time...I was also assured that there was plenty of overtime and if I wanted to work 60-80 hours a week I could. I was promised... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from cotjockey
    and...the don didn't even have the decency to call me and tell me about the change...i found out when one of the other nurses saw me in the grocery store!
    [font="comic sans ms"]i notice you wrote this two days before i saw it, so it's probably too late now -- but if you haven't been officially told about the change, it isn't official. you can feel free to show up for your scheduled shift, assuming the schedule was all final and all.
  2. by   maryk650
    Been there. Done that. I am presently in the same situation. I interviewed forr a position in the ER. Since I have managerial experience, they wanted me to accept a position as House Supervisor. I informed them of my intention to not get back into the managerial aspect of nursing, but I agreed to give it a try. Now I am having to go to work at another hospital because they will not let me transfer to another department. I have put in 4 internal transfers for the ER and have been passed over each time. The last time was it was because a nurse has been there longer than me but she didn't have any experience. Now that I have requested to go PRN, there is something I do "wrong" on each shift I work. Never had that problem before. The DON was aware from the beginning that I would only try it. There is really a problem keeping nurses in this role, and they don't want me to quit. So they refuse to let me transfer with in the hospital. The question is whether or not you are willing to go the distance to get what you want. My schedule has been changed several times since it was posted and without my permission. I go to work and see the changes. So I have decided to go somewhere else to work.
  3. by   dorimar
    After the official scheduled finalized, the one who needs it changed for whatever reason, has the responsibility to ASK someone to work for them, or ask the manager if they can switch some days or take PTO or whatever. It is NOONE elses duty to be moved around to accommodate another's schedule change. The manager should have asked you, and you could have still said no. No mandatory anything about it. Very inappropriate and poor managing on her part.