Would like some other Pgh nurses opinion on this TV advertisment

  1. Has anyone else seen the WPAGHS advertisment about the oncolgy docs? Really these guys and one gal might be great MDs but this makes me grind my teeth. They are walking down a long hall through what looks like a cathedral and a Gregorian Chant is playing. They are being filmed through one of those filters that make everything look fuzzy and bright. (This filter is used to do heaven scenes in movies) Nothing like keeping the God complex going.
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    Heh, no, Oramar, I haven't seen the commercial. Sounds very glitzy though. Really gotta come up with something, though, to compete with all the money that UPMC throws in advertising. Advertising is what UPMC does best, not necessarily health-care.

    I hear ya on the God-complex though. Geez.