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  1. hello! i will start college in the fall, majoring in nursing. i have recently decided to go into this field and am really excited. however, i am very nervous about nursing school. would anyone care to tell me the worst experience you had in nursing school, and how you overcame it? thanks a million!!!
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  3. by   LisaG21
    The worst experience I ever had was during my second semester of med surg clinical. A friend's patient died that morning and mine was not doing to well. He was running a 104 temp and was unresponsive to anything. During out post conference I had expressed to my teacher that I didn't think it was fair I had a patient that couldn't interact with me because I didn't know how to do my write up. I was also nervous because of the patient that died that morning. My teacher did say thatshe thought someone was going to die today but she thought it would be my patient. When I really expressed that I didn't want the patient I wasn't ready for it (my mom was also having surgery that morning in the same hospital and it was very dangerous for her to have the surgery) she said she was very dissappointed and said what I was saying was uncalled for. I got so upset and was crying. She got very upset with me. The next day I had the same patient and she switched my other patient to a very hard one also - this one had a tube feeding and numerous wounds. It was the day from hell and I remember sitting staring at the patient that was dieing and holding his hand and praying that he didn't die on my watch. I didnt even take a break that day because I was so scared he was going to die and my teacher would be ma dI wasn't there. After the day from hell I was walking on the elevator. I went to see my mom and a nurse I had become very friendly with met me at my mom's room. She said she just wanted to tell me that the man had passed away about ten minutes after I had left. Although at the time I thought it was the day from hell, I learned now that my teacher was trying to give me experience in a field I was not very reluctant to volunteer for. I am very gratful that this teacher did this and I know I hated her then but now it is a fear I was able to overcome. It still bothers me to no end when a person is dieing or dead. But its an emotional thing, not a fear. Now that I am just rambling ...lol Ok. have fun and enjoy your experiences. At times you will want to quit or don't understand why you have to do something. Every teacher does stuff different. But in the end you will realize why everything was done the way it was, and God also plays a major role in your life and will not allow things to happen that shuoldn't everything happens for a reason and you just need to wait to find out why it does.
  4. by   nurses_123
    Thank you Lisa G.! that was a great reply!!! I also think that God will play a BIG role in providing me with the strength and patience I need to survive school, along with other things.