Workman's Comp Information? True Case stories? % charts?

  1. Since this is the greatest nursing site to get information I thought I would see if anyone knew where I could find the percentage chart they use to determine your injury amount? I know that the back is a 400 and the knee is 160 but I need the chart as well as the calculations they use to determine how much you will get based on your rating from the WC doctor. I have 5 cases that will be heard in July and I am wanting to get some information from anyone to find out what they ended up settling for for their particular injuries. A few friends of mine settled out for $17,000 on their backs but they weren't hardly injured at all compared to me. My attorney is telling me that we are looking at close to $20,000 for both of my knees. I use to work in a very dangerous place where physical take downs happened almost everyday. I hit the concrete floors on my knees for almost 7 years doing these take downs and now I am suffering from the wear and tear of the cartilage and have arthritis like problems. This does not count the numerous concusions I have had, the 3 bulging discs, the 8 abdominal hernias and a few other injuries that we are fighting for. I just need some information or true case stories from you all that have been through a workman's comp case before and what I should be looking for. Can I settle for a cash settlement and yet still be taken care of in the future when these discs become worse? I know working with WC is a horrible ordeal because I have been dealing with them 2 years now with my injuries and they simply do not care. I had to hire an attorney because they just wouldn't do anything to help me. Anyways, if you know of any websites that I can look at to get an idea of the percentages of the body or if you have been through a case and can help me, I sure would appreciate some of your information. Thanks.
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