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I cannot believe the hours some of you work. 12 hour shifts - 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for example. I simply cannot imagine working those ideas. I'm a legal secretary and I feel my day of 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.... Read More

  1. by   Mandarella
    I just accepted a 12 Hour Night special care monitor tech position, The 4 days off during the week is very appealing for me because I have 2 very small children and me and my husband can both be with them this way. When school starts with a full class load I will be dropping down the work hours but right now it's a good thing.
  2. by   nurseem
    I have to agree with you i am currently a legal assistant and i can't stand it! i have been doing it for 6 years and will be done with LPN college next year and i can't wait to have four days off a week! working 8-5 m-f it unbearing for me and two days off is just not enough. it seems like sitting at a desk all day is just draining. i can't wait to be up and working with patients and people!
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    Once in awhile I will work 16 hours in a row(double shift). For instance, I like to work 3pm until 730 am the next day.

    Are you in school for nursing or wanting to be? Just wondering, since you say you are a legal secretary. I guess it's different with our jobs because when you work directly with patients the day goes by very fast. I used to be an executive secretary. Paperwork, filing, meeting notes!! I thought it was monotonous and by 4:30 I could not wait to get the heck out of there. I can understand how you say your day feels so long.
  3. by   IamRN
    Quote from 3rdShiftGuy
    What's hard to imagine is working five days a week. That would kill me.
    My thoughts exactly. Although next week I start a new schedule where I only work two 12's and one eight hour shift. I feel like I have just gained a whole 'nother day off!

    Very few days in the SICU I work at seems slow. The majority of the time I can't believe it already 5:00 PM and I "only" have two hours to catch up!
  4. by   zambezi
    I am one of those that vote for 12s!! I do nights: two on, two off, four on, six (yes six!!) off...I know a lot of people that would never do four on...but I like it, it gets me in a good rhythm...I don't have kids though...I have been feeling tired lately...thinking about going to days next open position...still want 12s but I would never get the six off in a row...but having a day or two in between is more manageable with days...Many nursing jobs are 12s...but there are still 8 hour jobs out there...even in just have to find what works best for is a different flow than typical office work...