work schedule?

  1. So I need feedback here...
    Just when exactly is it appropriate for the DON to post the next months work schedule????

    Here it is the 7th of Nov, and the schedule is only filled out until this coming Sunday.

    Repeated questions to the DON along with gentle reminders to PLEASE let us nurses have a "heads up" on our schedule are apparently falling on deaf ears.

    How in the world are we supposed to schedule appointments, family activities when we don't even know what days we have off!

    Isn't there supposed to be a labor law concerning on when the schedule is posted?

    What is the standard time for when your schedules are posted????

    Since this is my 1st job out of nrs school, I'd just like a general feedback.

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  3. by   bargainhound
    There should be a facility policy on this.
    It is best if you have at least 2 weeks ahead of time posted.
    Some places post further ahead than that.

    Last minute posting of schedules hurts everyone.
  4. by   BJLynn
    My DON posts the schedule about 2 weeks in advance. She does a months schedule at a time.
  5. by   mekrn
    Ours is posted 6 weeks ahead, but that is in our contract. I need to start thinking ahead to spring already!
  6. by   sweetielin
    usually our schedule is posted a week or 2 before it begins. a while back, there were going to be changes in positions of some of the nurses and the whole schedule was covered up except the very next day. this was very unfair. i assumed that the point of it was to keep the changes a secret and decrease the controversity of it. covering it all up only escalated it.