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  1. I notice more and More, Sports teams are becoming just like a Small Business... :spin:Several Weeks ago, One of the players from Buffalo Injuried himself in a Game... The team's Orthopedic Doctor along with the Team's Orthopedic Nurse, stated "At this Point we are not for sure of the Outcome"...

    So Basically, What I'm asking... Is there anyone That Works or has worked with a Professional Team weather it be Football, B-ball, or Baseball... If so Tell me about it... I would love to Work for the Cincy Bengals... But, I'm sure its a Hard position to Get into... What do I need to do... To get the Best Resume for the Job...

    Let Me kNow.. Thanks...
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  3. by   ebear
    My husband used to play pro baseball in Chicago. You need a degree in sports medicine ( or cert. in rehab. nursing ) and a lot of experience, as well as knowing "the right people"...
    It's not all it's cracked up to be. A lot of UNBELIEVABLE egos!!! (and BTW, is my FORMER husband)Seems his ego got the best of him as far as the women were concerned. That happens alot!!
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  4. by   RN1989
    I know a nurse that works with a college sports. He has worked for the same Ortho doc for years and when that doc became the team doc, he wanted his own staff to assist - thus his "office" nurse began working with the teams.