Woman poses as nurse to steal drugs!

  1. Look at this, these hospitals are only a few miles from me, and two that I have considered working in. Scary to think about, since my FIL was recently released from one of them!

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  3. by   CCL"Babe"
    Unfortunately it's not the first time, nor probably the last. I remember incidents happening when I first graduated, where a nurse came up to a coworker and asked for the narc keys. She was wearing white uniform, no ID badge (weren't required yet) and a school pin from our hospital. Said that her floor had run out of whatever drug and she needed some stat. The first nurse gave her the keys, she signed out the narcs to a fictious patient. She hit a couple floors before she was nabbed.

    In the ER I used to work in I caught a woman in scrubs taking meds out of our med room. When I questioned her, she fled.

    We now have Pixis in each unit and coded doors to med rooms.