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I have never in my nursing career been so angry!! That said I need advice. I work on an acute Ventilator unit where pain and anxiety reign supreme. After dealing with 2 pts who were in such a... Read More

  1. by   kids
    I used to work on a sub-acute vent unit. We handed out the PRNs hand over fist just to keep the patients from driving the staff nuts. People with anxiety can provoke anxiety in everyone they come in contact with...and it will spread from room to room like a fungus.

    I vote we hunt this nurse down, hit her with a paralitic, intubate and let her lay totally helpless on a vent with a rate of 12 for a couple of hours. Flipping sadistic wench.

    Yes, I have issues.
  2. by   Imagine
    I guess that more than a few of us have encountered "Keeper of the Key" types and they top my list of people who don't belong in nursing. Pain is subjective and doesn't lend itself well to objective judgement. Give the med. If it's ordered, give the med and leave it up to the MD to evaluate "seeking" behaviour, etc.
  3. by   Todd SPN
    Excellent job. You did exactly what you are supposed to do--be an advocate for the pt. I recall when I was doing CNA work a pt on hospice was not being given her prns by a particular nurse. I called hospice direct and talked with the pts nurse who came out pronto and took care of the situation. This facility nurse had a thing about prns unless it suited her. She would use them to keep people going until the next shift so she wouldn't have to call 911. One time I told her if she didn't call 911 for a resident I would. Turned out the guy had aspirated. But when she felt anxiety she called 911 for herself. When it comes to a pts well being, I never mind putting my butt on the line.