will i get sued?

  1. Hi all.
    i am a new graduated nurse, i have been working as a RN for only 2 months.
    i work in an aged care. i am posting the scenario below.

    one afternoon one of the care staff found a resident on the floor. she asked me to come and have a look. i went, did the basic obs and NV obs. BP=158/82. everything else fine. i asked him that we are transfering him to the bed, and he said ok. now as per the policy at our aged care, we are suppose to inform the family and the doctor regarding the fall; which we did. Now the resident's son came late that afternoon and told us that send him to the hospital, he doesnt look well. we said that we have informed the doctor, he will come this afternoon and assess him. I finished my shift at that point. Now the doctor came that afternoon, he said that he is fine and there is no need to send him to the hospital, but the son kept on insisting. So the ambulance was called and he was sent. later the hospital called and said that he had a fracture.
    Now the family is planning to sue the organisation.

    i wanted to know, if they sue, till what extent will i be responsible? will it effect my registration?
    what happens if they sue? like do we have to stop working from that point or?
    do i need a lawyer as well, do defend me?
    Also,from the scenario above, do u guys think that from my part, there was any negligence?

    Thankyou guys, really appreciated. i am very tensed at the moment. having a second guess about my career, hopefully it was a right choices.
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  3. by   Esme12
    I am so sorry you are going through this however as per the Terms of Service we cannot give legal advice. I can advise you that is you carry malpractice insurance call them ASAP......not that I am indicating that you can be sued but they will give you the best advice.

    Thsi is the biggest reason I believe EVERY NURSE should carry malpractice.

    I wish you the best....thread closed