Will Hopsitals pay for my school

  1. I was reading that someone posted will hospitals pay for school. I know that they will, but my question is will they pay for it if you are not a nurse of any kind to start out with? I would love to do that.
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  3. by   Robin61970
    See post hospital pays for education...it tells alot of info
    I am not a nurse. I work in a hospital doing scheduling. They are paying for my schooling. Good luck
  5. by   llg
    Lots of hospitals have "tuition reimbursement programs" and similar programs for employees to help them go to school. The amount paid and the other particulars vary from hospital to hospital. You might want to call your local hospitals and find out the details to see if it is worth it for you to consider getting a non-nursing job there and then using their assistance to help you through nursing school. The problem with this approach is that usually, the best benefits go to full time employees -- and it is hard to go through nursing school while you are working full time. Such programs can be of help, though, if you are only going to go to school part-time.

    A few hospitals pay for people who not employees to go to nursing schools. In such cases, the person signs a contract promising to work at that hospital after graduation. The problem with that approach is that neither the student nor the hospital can guarantee that there will be a good match-up between you and the hospital's needs after you graduate. You could get stuck having to work in an area you really hate in order to "pay back" your debt to the hospital.

  6. by   Ortho_RN
    The hospital is paying for my education, and I think it is sooooo worth it... The way they do it is for every 100 dollars they spend on them you owe them one month of work.... And it doesn't affect your paycheck at all.. Also if when you get out of school if they dont offer you a job then you are not obligated to pay them back... But I already work there PT as a PCA, so I doubt that is gonna be a problem...