Why am I freaking out again??

  1. I tell you...the closer and closer I get to nursing school and the closer and closer I get to quitting my day job, the more crazy I get!

    I know my current job is not going anywhere, I know that nursing has so many more opportunities, I have planned and planned for this but I just can't calm down! I feel like everytime I get close I start sabotaging myself. I am even reading "Maximum Achievement" by Brian Tracy to get my head in line. I KNOW I can do this yet I am so afraid to fail and have everyone say "I told you so".

    Well, just a vent. I guess I'll go and repeat over and over to myself "You can do this" "You can do this" "You are smart" "You are smart"

    My life will never change if I don't change it, right?:stone
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